Soundcloud Promo

Our SoundCloud plan is designed to boost the SoundCloud Likes, Repost and/or Comments on any SoundCloud track. Whether you want to give your track a kickstart in engagement, encourage others to likes and comment, or counteract negative engagement — we can help. All orders are started within 24~48 hours and are delivered at a natural, organic pace.


Our SoundCloud Reposts option guarantees your track will receive a minimum amount of Repost from users around the world. Plans range from 50+ Reposts to 5,000+ Reposts. With repost, you’ll not only gain more social proof but also get some social buzz, attract more listeners and improve your track’s ranking on Google and SoundCloud search results.


10,000 for $30 

100 likes for $15


100,000  for $50

500 + Likes for $50 


Email for custom deals/rates.


Why buy soundcloud plays? 

Many people don’t understand why you’d buy SoundCloud plays. They see it as a vanity metric, or meaningless numbers. However, smart Soundcloud users know that these numbers can be  vital to the success of their songs and career.

People react to crowds and these numbers that represent those crowds; a concept called social proof.

  • All plays are generated to help boost look of your track and make it appear more popular, thus making people way more inclined to support. SEO methods are used to obtain these plays.