Exclusive Interview  Top 5 influences? Mariah Carey Anne Hathaway Aerosmith Shawn Mendes Phil Collins What helped you get into music? Honestly hardships in life definitely motivated me to sit down and start writing, it’s therapeutic and makes me feel lighter once I’m finished. Those kinds of songs haven’t been released yet, I like to always … More ANLIL

Crack of Dawn

Exclusive Interview  Bio: Crack of Dawn have been one of Canada’s greatest musical success stories since their inception many years ago. They combine Charles Sinclair’s bass-rumbling funkalicious Parliament onslaught; the slick immediate joy of Earth, Wind and Fire and the tarmac-melting swoon of classic deep soul ballads, yet only now return to pick up where … More Crack of Dawn

Derek & Kyl3r

Exclusive    Bio – Combining Derek’s introspective poetry and Kyl3r’s hip hop influenced music production, the duo have created a unique sound that moves and resonates. The groups goal is in the message, the message is in the music. Starting with no prior knowledge the two self taught themselves everything they know. Constantly trying to … More Derek & Kyl3r


  Exclusive Interview    Bio: Born and raised on the Southwest-side of Chicago, Meelz (Amelia Cyze) is currently stationed in Los Angeles writing & producing her own music. Meelz was an active member at local LA open mic “Our Mic,” which closed in January 2018. She is now taking the creative growth from that community … More Meelz

Chris Darko

  Exclusive Interview    Top 5 influences? Eell i have lots of influences but out of all of them i’d say Lil Peep, Seshollowaterboyz, Linkin Park, $uicideboy$ and Tyler the Creator   New projects? I actually Just dropped this    New Projects? Then i have 2 collab tapes with members of my rap collective (B$B) then 3 other … More Chris Darko

Tyson Mazibuko

  Exclusive Interview    Bio : Real name is Tyson you can call me Ty people say I’m crazy bae calls me “psychoTy Son” am always too high and always getting high I’m the founder and CEO @ 420LifestyleJAM.   Top 5 influences? 1. Lil wayne 2. Cassidy 3. Gucci Mane 4. Andre 3000 5. … More Tyson Mazibuko


    Exclusive Interview    BIO I’m originally from London, currently based in Bristol. Thinking of moving again soon.   Top 5 Influences? Top 5 influences is hard to say, but off the top of my head: Yoni Wolf, Kendrick Lamar, Lil B, Radiohead and The Streets. There’s probably some really obvious ones that I’ve … More Oloff

Good Rhymes

  Exclusive Interview    Give us your bio 3 Sport Athlete in HS Track/Basketball/Football Moved from Traverse City to Grand Rapids to attend Grand Valley State University- earned marketing degree in 4 years 2010 – started rapping 2015 – started my &realGoodRhymes Twitter page to organize my rhymes Good Rhymes came to be bc GR … More Good Rhymes

Doubt Johnson

 Exclusive Interview  BIO DouBt is more than the average rapper with a microphone and a mixtape, the Chicago artist could possibly be one of the best emcees to blossom from the midwest. The best way to describe DouBt would be his unique blend of hip hops past, present, and future in one remarkable moment. DouBt aka … More Doubt Johnson


  Exclusive Interview    Top 5 Influences? Damn man, I have a lot of people I adore within music itself, everything from AZ and Currensy to Murs & Mos Def but stylistically who do I resemble or feel like I take something personally away from? Top 5 would have to be 1. Lil Peep 2. … More HexXx