Exclusive Interview    Bio- The name is kushing I’ve been off the grid for almost 15 years slowly making my way back on, maybe start paying taxes next year. (Insert laugh) I’ve got stories from both farms and labs that would scare the shit outta you along with underground practices that really make life worth … More Kushing

Eldridge Delano

Exclusive Interview  BIO I started working in studios in Suriname in 1998. Before that I did some singing in contests and some songwriting/composing for local competitions. In 2003 I started my own production company did some very cool minor productions such as advertising jingles. In 2009 I went to Holland to study music and returned … More Eldridge Delano

Almost Owen

Exclusive Interview      Who are your top 5 influences? I’m midway through a total r&b/hiphop/pop binge. I’ve got a playlist on Spotify called Almost Famous that I update regularly. Right now there’s on there tracks by blackbear, posty, Bryce Vine, and Quinn XCII. But that’ll get switched up soon enough. I grew up listening to my … More Almost Owen


Exclusive Interview    BIO I was born in Maryland and raised in two areas mostly Virginia to Georgia. I was influenced early on by groups like Outkast and lyricists like Nas. So far I’ve managed to grind out and work with some artists who you might have heard of. I got songs with Raheem Devaughn … More PAPPA-G

Isiah Super

Exclusive Interview      Give us your bio My name is Zay Super. I’m 24, i was born and raised for most of my life in Cleveland, OH then I moved to Arizona and have been residing here since. My genre of music is hip hop. I have a true love for lyrics and the … More Isiah Super


Exclusive Interview      Give us ur bio: I’m an upcoming music producer from India. I’ve been producing music for about 3 years now mainly focusing on Hip Hop, trap and lo-fi as well as messing with other genres too. What helped you get into music: I have been listening to music since my childhood … More issue.


Exclusive Interview Give us your bio: Noise “The Wizard” is a Portuguese born Multi-Genre Music Producer. He grew up between two worlds: his family’s deep ties to African and Hip-Hop Music and the years he spent learning how to evolve his Music Production skills. “Noise” started his career early (with other nickname) and with 17 … More NOISE

Carrie Cleveland

  “Not only is Carrie Cleveland easily one of the smoothest soul voices you have ever heard, but her vocal skill and ability to draw you into her performance is such an immense talent. All of her songs resonate with a classic soul sound that takes you back in time to an era of soul … More Carrie Cleveland


Exclusive Interview  Top 5 Influences? And to answer a few of the questions, my top 5 influences are the ones that help inspire my Dj/producer abilities . . Such as @steveaoki @DJAM who is deceased and have been a major influence in the dj circuit for years during his time.. And @CalvinHarris Avicii who is … More DjWhizPk)


    Exclusive Interview    Give us your bio: my name is Jaylon I’m 21 years old born and raised in Indiana , I go by JJuice (jay-juice) or just (juice) all preference. I got the nick name from my friends back when I was competing in call of duty a couple years ago & … More JJuice