Kusha Deep

Exclusive Interview  Top 5 influences? The Beatles, Abraham Lincoln, Ken Casey, Hunter S Thompson, Doug Stanhope. New Projects? New Kinda Normal hit the stores this week and is flying! Remix album being done as we write this! What got you into music? The thought of working in a factory soldiering PCB boards or working on a … More Kusha Deep


Exclusive Interview      Top 5 Influences? My biggest influences would be, not in order, Pac, dizzy wright, Nicky jam, Lupe fiasco, and Jeff Turner.   New Projects? I’m not concentrating on any projects in specific atm. I wanna focus more on bringing consistent singles for awhile. I’ll drop an album when the time comes. … More Lexical

Biggz Bando

Exclusive Interview    BIO I’m A 26 Year Old Artist From Roosevelt ,Long Island New York . Born of Jamaican parents music has always been a huge part of my life . Started off Deejaying at the age of 12 , self taught . The rest came naturally tried my hand at freestyling , then actually … More Biggz Bando

Flynny O’Flynn

Exclusive Interview    Bio: Flynny O’Flynn is a rapper from the city of Leicester, UK. After a long break from the rap game she is back, with a belly full of fire and an arsenal full of lyrics. Forget everything you know about female rappers. This girls content is like nothing you’ve ever heard before! … More Flynny O’Flynn

Dubba D.

  Exclusive Interview    Bio: Southern Louisiana has always been a wellspring of musical prowess. The thick musical culture creates an arena for the creation of new, innovative music. This is the locale from which producer/ DJ Darian Avery was molded. A metal drummer since the age of 12, Darian was immediately enamored with music … More Dubba D.


Exclusive Interview  Bio.. My Name Is Graffiti a.k.a King Griffy or Griffy I’m an artist on the come up out of Germantown MD, I started rapping at the at age of seven watching my dad an his homies make beats / sample on the MPC and at home I would always listen to R&B with my mom … More Graffiti


Exclusive Interview  BIO Well, Im 27 years old, I was born in Toronto but I’ve lived Tucson Az, and Riverdale Ga as a kid while moving around with my mom and my younger siblings. I got into music around 5th grade when my cousin started battle rapping people online using reverbnation & soundclick, but I … More VIC FREEZE

D. Curtains

Exclusive Interview    Who are your top 5 influences? Pac 2. Andre 3000 3. Joe Budden 4. Jadakiss 5. J. Cole   When are your new projects coming out?  I have a new single and video to be released before October no official date yet.   What helped you get into music? My mom used to … More D. Curtains


Exclusive Interview  What inspires you when you create? What inspires me the most the connection between music, spirituality and drug use. I don’t believe every artist should use drugs but it’s been proven time and time again that some definitely  should… Top 5 influences? Top 5 Pantera George Clinton & P-Funk Boards Of Canada Too … More TriuneOSC

Adam Bankz

    Exclusive Interview    What inspires you when you create? Probs the edibles… lol nah.. I feel like my inspiration comes from many different things depending on what’s happening that day or where my mood’s at. I often find myself just living my life when I hear something and have that, damn, “I need to … More Adam Bankz