Chuck W

Exclusive Interview    BIO Hi! My name is Chuck W. and I am a Neo-Psychedelic / Experimental Electronic artist hailing from Amityville, NY. This is my story and I’m sticking to it – I’ve been a Musician all my life and, frankly, it’s one thing on this crazy Planet I feel I do understand. For … More Chuck W


Exclusive Interview    Give us your bio. JoelID is a freestyle rapper from the Phoenix, Arizona area who has become established as, what we in the game call, a Wild Card rapper. Delivering lyrics with a wide vocabulary and subject matter that varies. His past releases give us his perspective from all points of view. … More JoelID

Vintage Daz

Exclusive Interview    BIO Vintage Daz born Dazmin Smith is a upcoming Artist from Columbus, Ohio. There’s no boxing in this artist because he has a variety of influences for his create process when comes to creating music. He gives credit to Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy and many more artist to name to … More Vintage Daz

Miles Lyrics

Exclusive Interview      Top 5 Influences/What got you into Hiphop? First of all I appreciate your interest, hope y’all doing great! Well, I felt in love with hiphop as Snoop Dogg dropped Doggystyle. I was a kid, couldn’t understand the words but loved the cover, that is how It couched my attention. My older … More Miles Lyrics


Exclusive Interview    Give us your bio. I’ve been rapping since 1999. I started in the underground scene in Phoenix AZ. It began with poetry. I’ve always been involved in the arts. Slowly I learned how to Produce my own beats. I’ve been in different groups/bands. I dabble with the keyboard and did bass guitar … More BISON MUSIK

Big Berry

Exclusive Interview  BIO DeVontae Berry best known as Big Berry, he brings us intensity and fiery themes of strength, passion and partying, like no other. He sculpts them into pieces that are guided by real life experiences. Born and raised in Detroit, Berry now residing in the Dayton, OH area. He was first known as … More Big Berry


Exclusive Interview      Give us your bio What’s up I’m Cihoney from Tarboro,NC. I grew up in the 252 and move to the 919 (RDU area) around 2011. I attend NCCU and became a communication/journalism major. As a kid I love preforming cheetah girls in my grandma neighbor with my big sister and the … More Cihoney


Exclusive Interview  Top 5 Influences? reaching out to young men that might be looking for answers on how to change their life around.2 spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.3 people that might feel like God has left them,I want them to know God is a God of second chances. 4. I want to see the … More J.Marc