Exclusive Interview BIO So my name is Zay March. Born and raised in Fayetteville TN. A couple years ago I never thought I would be making music. My cousin Lui X is really the one who got me started. He’s also a local artist and I would just feature on his stuff from time to … More Zayno


Exclusive Interview Give us your bio I am an independent musician and I have just begun my journey into the universe of music-making. Talking about the genre, then the ambient mood and instrumentals really pull me a lot. And mostly, I make those kinds of beats and tracks. But I love to experiment with my style … More MK TOMAR

Aze Hi

Exclusive Interview BIO Michael Gould, aka Aze Hi is a rapper, singer and hip-hop dancer.He finds that writing music is therapeutic and gives him an emotional release. His experiences that he writes about helps him put things into perspective and he hopes it will do the same for his listeners, helping them get through life’s … More Aze Hi

Devo XO

Exclusive Interview Bio: I’m Devo XO, a 19 year old artist, born and raised in Southern Maryland but I moved to Richmond, VA in 2015. Growing up I always wrote raps but when my junior year of high school came around, I started taking it seriously. Singles I dropped on SoundCloud early on got me … More Devo XO

The Butler

Exclusive Interview Bio:  Raised in San Jose, CA but based in Los Angeles, The Butler is an alias created in 2018 by Payton Palazzolo. His Debut EP “Room 207” was a hit that showcased his unique blend of Melodic Jazz elements combined with Classic 90’s Jackin’ House grooves. Though he’s received positive feedback from his … More The Butler


Exclusive Interview Give us your bio:Hello My name is Trey, my artist name is TreyThaDon. I currently reside In Orlando Fl. I am from Jacksonville Fl (Duval).  I honestly started rapping about 7months ago after me an a group of friend decided to go to the studio one Saturday,an we made our 1st song, our … More TreyThaDon

Tanya L. Tyler

Exclusive Interview Bio: More than just a singer, Tanya L. Tyler is also a songwriter and author. She is the driving force behind her music and extremely passionate about what she does. Her style of music is both empowering and relatable. Tanya writes both inspirational and love songs. Her first released single in 2019 was … More Tanya L. Tyler

@Endless State

Exclusive Interview  New Projects? Endless State is a solo project by N.Ireland musician Gary Colbert.A former drummer of http://N.Irish band Novice, who split up back in 2012..I decided to go solo in 2017 after a couple of projects failed to get off the ground.. influences range from the punk/new wave scene of the late 70s/early … More @Endless State


  Exclusive Interview      Give us your bio  NOPRISM are a duo from Newcastle upon Tyne, England formed late 2019. We’ve been in band before, and come from a background of noise-driven guitar, so we wanted to shake things up a little with this band. We do synth-laden, soulful pop songs influenced by nuwave, … More NOPRISM

Drew Prescott

Exclusive Interview    BIO Yo! I’m drew prescott aka “jake the snake roberts” aka “lil oj Simpson” aka lord orochimaru. I don’t love these hoes I love jacks pizza. Top 5 Influences? Michael jackson, Chief keef, drake, Jimi Hendrix, future New Projects? Shit I just dropped a mixtape exclusively on SoundCloud all my lost tracks … More Drew Prescott