Icy Danny B

Exclusive Interview

Bio: Rafeal Xavier Brown In this music industry I’m Icy Danny B I’m from Texas City Tx Grew up in locations from Texas city To north Houston. Been independent for 8 years until linking with Icy Ent for a year and half and counting. My music could be titles in two words “Street Gospel” My singing and rapping and smoothing the soul and also motivate the unspoken.

Top 5 influences? My mother- fighting cancer my whole life and showing me not to give up on fighting to live. My ceo -Showed me that you can take a gamble on your dream and invest in your brand. Lil baby-Showed me you can bring the whole hood with you after you put yourself in position Tupac-Made me realize I can rap about real life situations, that I can make a impact with my words Sip Louie – He makes me wanna push harder with my music , push my character to be better and have leadership and everything I do

What are the biggest goals in 2021? For my numbers to be better than the year before . Be able to get on the road and push my music in different cities and states grow bigger fan base. Also put my moma in her first 2 story house . And have the Rememberable come up in my area.

What is one thing you would tell your fans? I would tell them , to follow your dream no matter how hard it gets. When it seem like your investments and dreams going no where keep pushing ! God give his toughest warriors , the toughest battle. No cap

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