Exclusive Interview

Give us your bio? My name is william, I go by reallwill, smoke, S.A.N.E., Ambrose, or Twenty_One_Eighty I have a long reason as to why but you probably don’t want to read that so for short Im really good at writing and it shows in my music, I like it, its fun, but I have something like social anxiety shits wild but yeah 32 from Chicago, live in Florida type shit.

Who are your top 5 influences? Top 5 influences?… I would have to say since most likely we are talking about music it would have to be: 1.twista, 2.da brat, 3.Eminem, 4.busta rhymes, 5.bone thugs & harmony

When are your new projects coming out? I don’t currently have any plans for any new projects, I kinda have a plan for one and that’s no time soon so I just record what I come across everything currently posted,sold, or talked about is most like within the Last month Im new.

What helped you get into music? I think it was the fact that I could do it and with more time to do nothing that came along with all of the trouble I got into, most simply put. What is one thing you would tell your fans? Pursuing artist stay consistent and stay honest For fans of the art I don’t know all of my fans are my friends, so I guess fans stay friendly.

What are your biggest goals for 2021? My goals for 2021 are to get my music out there, my books out there, some money in here “here” being my pockets , school, free time, introduction to the industry, business everything but immediately like t January 1st one book published and one song sold lol one 00.99 song purchase lol

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