Exclusive Interview

Biography: Leemay2k is a poet, songwriter, and multi-genre music producer living in Memphis, originally from Chicago, Illinois. LeeMay2k is a shortened version of ‘Lee Majors On the Tracks’ aka ‘Artificial Intelligence’. My greatest inspirations have been the careers of JayZ and Kanye West. My goal is to produce ‘Next Level’ music, and to work with the most talented artist in the business. You can purchase my book of poetry, Life: A Book of Poems, by Troy Jackson on Amazon. It speaks from my ‘Soul’ and that will tell you more than I ever could…

New Projects? I’m working on a new Instrumental Album to be titled ‘Footprints’. ‘Footprints’ will be a ‘Pop’ themed album where I showcase my Pop Music Production skills. ‘Top Shelf’ will be a new ‘Hip-Hop’ Instrumental Album in which I reveal the ‘Whole Repertoire’ of my Rap Music Production. I will also continue dropping some of the ‘Hardest’ beats on my SoundCloud account @LeeMay2k.

Top 5 Influences?Kanye West, Rick Reuben, No ID., Quincy Jones, and JayZ

What helped you get into music? I really have always liked music, but when I heard ‘College Dropout’ by Kanye West I really believed I could be a successful musician. It spoke to me the way only my own music speaks to me today.

The one thing I would tell my fans?Expect ‘Great’ music from me…

My biggest goal for 2021? Is to keep learning and perfecting my music production craft, as well as to get my first ‘Major Placements’… Thanks

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