Kevin Kerr

Exclusive Interview

BIO:I’m currently at work refining techniques for producing real, certifiable, Urban Industrial Soul-Funk. If recent fan-love is an indication, I appeal to a wide array of tastes globally. The feedback and encouragement from fans has been humbling and validating. I have melded my Love of Soul Music and the urban elements of Industrial Rock, and created a unique sound that stands alone. I play all Instrumentation/Vox/Composition/Production. Instrumentation is generally comprised of Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Bass & Synth-Bass, Drums, Piano/Keyboards and the occasional Blues Harmonica coming together to create energetic, funky, Oklahoma Power-Pop. I appreciate any feedback or professional reviews of my work. My debut album, “Lightning Rod Rituals” is currently streaming on major music apps, and can also be found at INSTRUMENTALS CAN BE FOUND AMONG MY UNRELEASED CATALOG. In addition, I have currently assumed all Managerial aspects concerning Volum Ovo, my Band/occasional ensemble. I am at work now completing a full-length debut album for Volum Ovo and it’s appropriate distribution. I am also currently attending a 5-star Music Business and A&R School as I work to release singles for the upcoming Album. Thanks to very one of my listeners and fans globally. Much Love f/Oklahoma, USA.

Top 5 Influences? My influences go all the way back to Delta blues up through the Golden Era of STAX Records and those great Soul & Funk Artists, on through early Industrial Music like WAX TRAX Records Chicago. PMInfluences: 1. James Brown 2. The Velvet Underground 3.Marvin Gaye 4.The Cramps 5. Love and Rockets +many more…

New Projects? A busy year in 2020. My 2nd full-length solo album is set to drop Halloween 2020. Simultaneously I am managing an engineering/producing VOLUM OVO’s debut album set for a Christmas 2020 release. I am also getting my name in the mix for potential collaboration with a certain DJ in L.A.

What helped you get into music?: My Best Friend and guitar player for Volum Ovo, G.G. Holsey, the guy’s a real prodigy and a seasoned musician. Also my entire graduating class in High School. We would do these far out set lists at our high school talent show. It was fairly intense for school, and Volum Ovo has since gained legendary status for being “The LAST Act to ever play” at that particular school.

Anything to tell your fans? As an artist, or anyone who is determined to make a difference and bring beauty into the world, NOTHING can replace hard work, discipline with practicing your craft, and having world-class manners. DO what You SAY You’re going to do, and keep Your Word. It will always open doors for You.

Biggest Goals for 2021? Earn even more accolades & positive reviews of my music, release chart-topping singles, find a Real Crew who has appreciation for this Vision. Stamp My Brand over the face of Hate, Tyranny, Racism, and all other chincy factions that wanna spread ugliness. I am a Loud and Mouthy Voice for this Revolution. It’s a Revolution of Love and Human Equality. Accept Nothing Less.

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