Scottie Armonie

Exclusive Interview

Why do you do what you do? I do what i do because god ordained me to do this i?was very misunderstood as a child and i know there are alot of people who feel this way i am here for the people who feel lost undervalued unloved and forgotten about and if you cannot relate that and you just support the movement we need some of that too

How do you work? I work like a robot when a thought or idea comes to me i have to get it out at?that moment i dont eat use the ladies room or nothing im just a machine until?its done and im satisfied thank god i have people around me who work the same way i love my team

Whats your background? My background is im a foster child i battled with homeless abuse drug abuse loneliness thoughts of suicide but i came threw i have to if i didnt nobody would know how great of an artist i am so i persevered and now im talking to you

What’s integral to the work of an artist?Feeling it idc how corny i am cause i know alot of people think im corny but i gotta feel whatever im doing i gotta ooze love im a pisces so thats natural l for me anyway but do believe i love harder then the average pisces lol just saying that is why god has given me such a big job but i gotta feel what im working on or to me its fake

New Projects? My new project is the TAKEOVER EP I named it that because i feel like ive bowed down to everybody ive said hey your great i wanna be like you to everybody showed loved and respect to everybody NOW ITS SCOTT MONIE’S TURN!

How has your music change over time?My Music has changed because my life is constantly changing like i said i know im corny AF! But i like to talk about shit ive actually been threw like everybody was going crazy over my hoe shit lyrics and im like …. So! I really used to be in luxury neighborhoods as a child scamming people thats not a lie and it WAS some HOE SH*T lol thanks god my life has changed and im still evolving but i dont wanna be the type of artist that pretends everything is always fine i like to tell the truth idc how uncomfortable that is i tell stories about real life stuff my life’s stuff

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