King Khan Shamanic

Exclusive Interview

Bio. Born in London, England, raised in Madrid, Spain. Product of South Asian & East African heritage. Started @innerpeacerecords along with @tangthepilgrim & @_Bafjitsu in the UK in 2013. Moved to NYC in 2015, living in LA since 2018.

Top 5 Influences? (No specific order) Wu Tang De La Soul Hieroglyphics Madvillain Redman

New projects? My next album will be available on in late 2020 or early 2021 & will be produced entirely by my confidante & longtime collaborator Palmer Eldritch @Eldritch_LDN

What helped me get into music? I was fascinated with rap music from the age of around 9-10, hearing & eventually stealing my older cousins CD’s. Didn’t study music in high school & only rapped for some lunchroom fun, but went on to study music technology at university. Around 2006, Palmer Eldritch & I started making beats on & off until around 2012, when we found a purpose for it. I also played drums for years before starting to rap seriously at the age of 26-27

One thing I tell my fans? A huge thank you for your support & sleep easy knowing that I will be giving you more, Universe willing.

Biggest goals for 2021? To release 2 or 3 more EP’s, secure some choice features & get back to doing more beat making & production.

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