Exclusive Interview

Bio: I been playing rock instruments (especially keyboards) from a very early age, and singing since … well, since I was possibly an embryo! It goes a long way back. The first band I recall being in was The Foils, formed during the post-punk period with my two brothers as we grew up in the UK Midlands town of Leicester. During my later teens I vocalist in a Leicester Rhythm and Blues band called The Houndogs, singing Dr Feelgood and stuff like that at The Princess Charlotte and various pub venues. One night, we played so loud and everyone was stomping the floor so hard, we took some plaster off the ceiling below, and we STILL got paid! Recording as C-Beem, however, has been my solo personal music project, which gives me the chance to really explore the kind of synthpop I love. As someone who’s studied art, I guess I have a somewhat art-school approach to music, and I feel very little difference between visual and musical creativity.

Top 5 influences? New Order, Peter Gabriel, Bowie, Simple Minds, Pyschedelic Furs.

New projects? Following release of debut album ‘Little Jet Angel’ several months ago, I’m really excited about my next album ‘Neon Gods’. Contrary to the ‘second album’ syndrome, I really do think this next shot will be better than the first. I’m learning a lot as I move forwards. I’m also releasing singles prior to album release, like Tumbleweed In Tinseltown’ and ‘Ed Straker Future’ which helps a great deal to build awareness. I didn’t do that very effectively for the first album.

What helped get me into music? My brothers and I had wonderfully liberal, open-minded parents who let us get the kit we needed to play. They even soundproofed our practice room so the neighbors wouldn’t get too upset. It didn’t work that well … there were some complaints of noise, and being a punky, rocky kind of band we turned the Marshalls up to 11 way too often! We were influenced by New Wave bands like The Police, The Stranglers, Subway Sect and The Undertones. Music helped us make more friends too, as our practice room became a kind of hang-out hub. When I think back to what our poor, suffering folks tolerated, it amazes me! We were seriously lucky brats. Once, we did an actual gig for an audience of very conservative Freemasons. We sounded terrible and the music was completely outside their zone, but still, they dropped us five quid on the proviso we never returned to the hallowed temple of the brotherhood. Haha!

Anything to tell your fans? The one thing I would tell my ‘fans’ is that creating music is hard work, but probably better, more self-indulgent fun than any other artform, so I’m very grateful for anyone who’s willing to listen to my efforts.

Biggest Goals for 2021? My biggest goal for 2021 is to release next album ‘Neon Gods’ with some of glowing, pulsating warp in the spacetime continuum. It’s a lofty goal but you gotta aim high! C-Beem Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChrisALM1 C-Beem Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/08uffFb3gAnLsPCqqwT6io?si=xP35EKLTTlG0MJx-TmEIaQ

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