Exclusive Interview

BIO Hey, I’m Lim0. I’m a 19 year old artist/producer from Los Angeles. I started writing songs and producing about a year ago in my bedroom. I just released my first beat tape “Episode Zero”, which is available on all platforms. I post beats daily to my youtube channel which just passed 365k total video views. 

Top 5 Influences? Madlib, J Dilla, Mac Miller, Frank Ocean, and Jai Paul

New Projects? I have a collaborative album coming out with another LA artist. He’s rapping and I’m producing but I also have a few verses and hooks. It should release either at the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021. I’m also planning another beat tape for early 2021.

What got you into music? I think a combination of a growing passion/knowledge of hip hop and the support of my friends helped me get into music. They were there to listen to my first (extremely rough) demos. Also, I had friends who produced and I wanted to be able to do what they did. I’m a pretty competitive person so I taught myself Ableton and sorta just went from there, but I still have plenty of things to learn and improve on.

Anything to tell your fans? Thank you so much for the continued support, feedback, and time taken out of your day to listen to my beats. It means a ton and motivates me each day. Sample based production is less common now so I truly appreciate all those who enjoy my work. 

Biggest Goals for 2021? My biggest goals for 2021 would be to reach 5k subs on youtube, continue to grow a fanbase, and to release at least 3 projects. I’m continuing with my youtube channel and daily beats as well. I’d also like to put myself out there more and put more effort into networking. Stay tuned for more!

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