Exclusive Interview

Top 5 Influences? : Architects, that band has absolutely changed my life. Bring Me The Horizon ~ I love how they continue to evolve, and expand both as a band with their sound and with their visual art. Sleep Token ~ an incredible band and their lead ~ Vessel ~ never have I seen someone share so much of their soul in a show. I couldn’t help but cry during their whole show when I discovered them in Paris. It was profound and life-changing. Early Tool ~ definitely a major influence in my earlier years. Brahms / Tschaikovsky / Beethoven / Fauré ~ the violin sonatas and this heavy romantic classical music is the reason I fell in love with music when I was a young young child and why I play violin now. Taught me the cruciality of harmony in emotional expression. You can’t just ride on technique. Make me feel something. All of these bands / composers have done that in massive ways in my life. I keep returning to them.Knightress

New Projects? Dreams and Devastation released on all platforms now!

What helped me get into music? I grew up in a musical household. My mother is a cellist, my sister is a violinist and I heard this gorgeous music from birth. I fell in love with the sound of the violin and when I was 4 my mother finally said I was old enough to start lessons and she began teaching me. I started piano when I was 5, studied both through school and violin through college. I broke from the classical path and pursued heavy rock as that was always a more true voice to me, I just had to keep giving myself permission to really be true to myself. Hence, KnightressM1. Violin in a hard rock/metal way.

Anything to tell your fans? ~ first ~ thank you for listening to my music ~ second is ~ you are you for a reason, don’t ever doubt your worth, your importance. You are irreplaceable with gifts for this world only you can bring. If anyone makes you feel otherwise they are not meant to be in your life.

Biggest goals for 2021? Record and release the next record, tour europe if it’s allowed in whatever capacity I can, expand as a person, let go of any limitation so my life can truly align with my heart’s vision. To be brave.

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