Thought Provokah

Exclusive Interview

Bio: Thought Provokah(Justin Horne) hails from the 845 area of NY, currently resides in Queens. He has lived all his life between Harlem NYC and the 845. Thought is known prominently for his stints on Grind Mode Cypher–one cypher in particular with Mickey Factz–and is highly regarded for his wordplay and metaphors. He currently involved in the factions EMS and NMLS where he collaborates frequently with amazing artists. Also, he has a podcast with his childhood friend Marcus called Smokin Reggies where there vista tends to ingratiate the common man and woman.

Top 5 influences? Jay-Z Skyzoo Phonte Pharoah Monch J.Cole

New Projects? This year I have an album coming out with my producer duMB-o called “Can I Rap For You” and also a series called “Thoughts” with producer Pure Fact and other dope producers. Also planning one surprise EP.

What helped you get into music? Well it all started in the living room of my parents house and I was 8. I had overheard my brother and his friends freestyling and listening to music and I decided to join in. I got kicked out that Cypher but what I heard intrigued me. First song that I remember repeating was Black Sheep “The Choice is Yours” in 1991. I, for some reason, now see it as my calling when I didn’t see it before.

Anything to tell your fans? Thank you for the continued support. Thank you for taking lyrics seriously and the rewind effect that I bring to the table. For those who love Lyricist and love me I appreciate you.

Goals for 2021? My goals for 2021 or to continue to build a fanbase. To put out content consistently, also I hope the world opens up a little bit so I can form and be a little bit more personable with my fans. I have some new releases plan for 2021 oh, so stay tuned for that.

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