Westside Rizzy

Exclusive Interview

BIO I’m Westside Rizzy from Philadelphia. I started writing music in prison while I was serving a 3-6 year sentence for a probation violation. I dropped my first EP Nov. 7th titled TRIGGERED, followed by Slide, Gunsmoke, an Freshout freestyle. I have over 70k plays across all major platforms.

Top 5 Influences? 1 Jay Z 2 Biggie 3 Jeezy 4 Beanie Sigel 5 The Lox

New Projects? My newest project is called Westside Story an it’s jus introducing all my fans to my versatility. I have about 8 songs pretty much done so far. It will be dropping late 2020.

Anything to tell your fans? It’s only the beginning, so ride wit me thru this journey. An F*ck any and everybody who tell you what chu can an can’t do.

Goals for 2021? To show people you can come from any background an be successful. Look at me I went from a state prison to making money of music an videos. Also, to finish up my tv series I wrote called “Shades of Philadelphia”.

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