Exclusive Interview

Give us your bio:Hello My name is Trey, my artist name is TreyThaDon. I currently reside In Orlando Fl. I am from Jacksonville Fl (Duval).  I honestly started rapping about 7months ago after me an a group of friend decided to go to the studio one Saturday,an we made our 1st song, our group name is  “Daclikk”, I felt at that point ,music was where I needed to be, I found my gift that I was searching for ever since a child, Odd thing is I never even thought about rapping once in my mind before the 1st day in that studio.

Who are your top 5 influences? My Too 5 influences would have to be Tupac Shakur,Nas ,Jay-Z ,Nipsey Hussle & snoop Dogg

When are your new projects coming out? Me an the Group daclikk have a few singles out right now on ,we are now working on a Ep as we speak that should be released by the beginning of 2021.

What helped you get into music?  I would say my brother was the 1st person to get me into Hip-Hop around 13,I could remember him blasting 2pac in his room at 6AM before he went to school an a lot of throwbacks,after that when I got older I was doing the same thing.

What is one thing you would tell your fans? I want to tell our fans that we love the feedback you give an we appreciate the support ! You guys help us live out our Dreams.

What are your biggest goals for 2021? Biggest Goals in 2021 is releasing a mixtape an Ep in 2021 , it’s time shake up the rap Game with some lyrics !

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