Tanya L. Tyler

Exclusive Interview

Bio: More than just a singer, Tanya L. Tyler is also a songwriter and author. She is the driving force behind her music and extremely passionate about what she does. Her style of music is both empowering and relatable. Tanya writes both inspirational and love songs. Her first released single in 2019 was Jayda’s Song which was written out of her pain of losing a child. A baby girl named, Jayda, who lived 21 days. Her faith kept her positive and put her in a position to bless others with her story which she published on Amazon, Barnes and Noble titled Jayda’s Wings – The Greatest Gift We Lost, the Ultimate Test of Faith. Although Tanya has many recordings, she just recently started to publish them. Her most recent 2020 release, Let Love Last, is a song about pleading for love to continue after one had given up on love. It’s a R&B song that is rare to find these days. Tanya was born and raised in New Jersey, but currently resides in Georgia. She discovered her love for music in her younger years but was too shy to sing for anyone other than family. She later gathered the courage to purse music and started singing in her church’s youth choir and later formed a three-girl singing group with her twin sister and best friend. Tanya continues to write music and sing, and she knows that sharing her journey will bless others.

Who are your Top 5 influences? My Top 5 influences include Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight, Yolanda Adams and Tyler Perry.

When are your new projects coming out? I am currently in the studio recording a song I wrote for my mother who passed away in March of this year. I am collaborating on this song with my twin sister, Toy. She is a talented singer and writer as well.

What helped you get into music? I started singing at a very young age. I was very shy as a child. Some would have called me a closet singer – meaning I did not sing in front of anyone except my immediate family. My mother made my siblings and I join the choir at church. The choir director asked me to sing lead on a song. I said no but turns out it was not really a question. So, during church service, I sang and cried through the entire song. After the song, people were clapping and standing up for me in support. That is when I developed a desire to be heard, but the confidence it takes to be heard did not come for many years later.

What is one thing you would tell your fans? My music is my truth, what you hear is a part of my life. I will never sing something I do not believe in or have experienced personally.

What are your biggest goals for 2021? My goals for 2021 are to continue being my authentic self, and to continue to write beautiful music and sing until I can’t sing anymore. I’m also interested in writing music to be featured in movies.

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