Thought Provokah

Exclusive Interview Bio: Thought Provokah(Justin Horne) hails from the 845 area of NY, currently resides in Queens. He has lived all his life between Harlem NYC and the 845. Thought is known prominently for his stints on Grind Mode Cypher–one cypher in particular with Mickey Factz–and is highly regarded for his wordplay and metaphors. He … More Thought Provokah


Exclusive Interview Give us your bio It’s an unusual story, I’ve been promoting independent singer songwriters for the last ten years for the love of new music (for which read ‘altruistically’), helping them reach more people. I am Helen Meissner irl, artist name MidLifeMix and split my time between Hertfordshire and Norfolk. Around the time … More MidLifeMix


Exclusive Interview BIO Marrissa L. Mcpherson is a r&b singer/rapper/songwriter that grew up in a small town called Rockford, Il. She began singing & writing poetry and songs at the age of 10. She got her love and passion from music from her dad who is also a singer & plays the guitar and piano. … More Rissa

Sophie Dorsten

Exclusive Interview Bio… National Recording Artist Sophie Dorsten is an Indie/Folk Singer-Songwriter born and raised in the Phoenix area. She has been singing her unique sound around the Valley since she was 9 years old. In the beginning, she and her brothers were in a band called Sophie and The Boyz, as she sang and … More Sophie Dorsten


Exclusive Interview BIO Q The Key is a Hip Hop Artist growing up in Tallahassee, FL. 30 years of age Q The Key has been doing music since the year 2002 on and off. He started off with freestyling over instrumentals recording on a computer microphone headset and sound recorder on his windows computer that … More QTHEKEY

Westside Rizzy

Exclusive Interview BIO I’m Westside Rizzy from Philadelphia. I started writing music in prison while I was serving a 3-6 year sentence for a probation violation. I dropped my first EP Nov. 7th titled TRIGGERED, followed by Slide, Gunsmoke, an Freshout freestyle. I have over 70k plays across all major platforms. Top 5 Influences? 1 … More Westside Rizzy


Exclusive Interview Give us your bio? Up and coming artist, that takes pride in making heartfelt music. First Generation Nigerian, from PG county. Just turned 24 and ready to take the world by storm. I aspire to be positive catalyst. Music has always been my first love, it was my safe haven from home. It … More MikeSkywlkr


Exclusive Interview BIO So my name is Zay March. Born and raised in Fayetteville TN. A couple years ago I never thought I would be making music. My cousin Lui X is really the one who got me started. He’s also a local artist and I would just feature on his stuff from time to … More Zayno


Exclusive Interview Give us your bio I am an independent musician and I have just begun my journey into the universe of music-making. Talking about the genre, then the ambient mood and instrumentals really pull me a lot. And mostly, I make those kinds of beats and tracks. But I love to experiment with my style … More MK TOMAR

Aze Hi

Exclusive Interview BIO Michael Gould, aka Aze Hi is a rapper, singer and hip-hop dancer.He finds that writing music is therapeutic and gives him an emotional release. His experiences that he writes about helps him put things into perspective and he hopes it will do the same for his listeners, helping them get through life’s … More Aze Hi