Exclusive Interview 



Give us your bio  NOPRISM are a duo from Newcastle upon Tyne, England formed late 2019. We’ve been in band before, and come from a background of noise-driven guitar, so we wanted to shake things up a little with this band. We do synth-laden, soulful pop songs influenced by nuwave, electronica and funk. And we want to retain a bit of a heavy, raw sound that our previous bands had.


Who are your top 5 influences? Chk chk chk (!!!) Todd Terje Daft punk M83 Justice


When are your new projects coming out? We are looking to release 3 new singles with the first out in October (date tbc). They’re going to be quite heavy.


What helped you get into music? Being introduced to “proper” bands like new order, the cure, oasis got us into wanting to sing, play guitars and form bands. So I guess the same story as everyone. We were both surrounded by bad music a lot in our youth- so we had to look for the good stuff. The beauty with music is that once you discover a particular artists or genre, you can disappear down a rabbit hole and never return.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? Keep those shoes polished, because we expect nothing less than glistening dance shoes at our shows next year. No shine.. No dine. We will accept bare feet however. Also polished.


What are your biggest goals for 2021? To be able to thrust our arthritic hips upon that stage once again, if this Pandemic eventually does one! We started NOPRISM just as the pandemic came, so we’ve not been able to do any live shows yet, which is kind of limiting to our promise of making people want to dance.

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