Cyclone Manta

Exclusive Interview 


Bio Cyclone Manta is an electronic music producer and visual artist from Decatur, GA. He graduated in 2018 from the University of Washington – Seattle and is currently residing in Alexandria, VA.


Who are your top 5 influences? My biggest influence is definitely 100 gecs. I was inspired to create electronic music after listening to their album “1000 gecs,” so I gotta give them the top spot. I also really like Wiwek and Rezz. They both have a super unique sound that sets them apart for me. Also my friend Charlie Swisher influenced my music, so check out his SoundCloud if you can. And lastly I’m going to say Air. I love Air and they’ve definitely influenced my music and my life.


When are your new projects coming out? I actually produced my album and EP using a 90-day free trial of Logic Pro X -which I no longer have- so I’m not sure when my next musical project will be out. Right now I’m focusing more on my painting and other art projects.


What helped you get into music? I mentioned them earlier, but 100 gecs got me into making music. Without 100 gecs, there is no Cyclone Manta. I found out about them through Twitter and their stuff blew my mind. It felt like they were rewriting the rules of music. Suddenly an album could be 23 minutes long. Songs could change structure halfway through or have no structure at all. Genre seemed irrelevant. Nothing was set in stone and it sounded awesome. And then I learned they used this software, Logic Pro X, to make all their music and I signed up for a free trial that same day. The learning curve was definitely steep, but I managed to produce an album and an EP in 90 days without spending a penny and I think that’s pretty cool.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? If I can do it, so can you. Going into this project I had no training in music production whatsoever, but I downloaded the software and I figured it out. Seriously, if you like electronic music, try downloading a free trial and seeing what kind of sounds you can create in 90 days. You might surprise yourself.


What are your biggest goals for 2021? I’m looking to start an artist commune out in the woods of Virginia with all my friends

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