Exclusive Interview 


BIO Zush formally 1/2 of The Locksmiths duo from West London launched he’s solo career at the start of 2019. Whilst working on he’s solo EP & mixtape, ZUSH has dropped a few Freestyles throughout the year to show a few new styles he’s been working on. ZUSH is now ready to make waves from the underground and make a name for himself as a fresh new artist on the scene with he’s new rebrand & approach to the game. Partnering up with he’s self owned events and entertainment brand, push aims to bring something bit different with the collabs on visuals and mood inspired. Still imotivated and influenced by he’s love for the golden era of Hip Hop which is always demonstrated heavily throughout he’s music with he’s bars & flows, he’s love for the art & creating amazing visuals is and has always been a main driving force no matter the vibe and climate of the music scene behind he’s creativity which is why he promises that with he’s years of experience & knowledge picked up on the way that this will be he’s most focused & detailed material to date.


Who are your top 5 influences? It’s changes a bit but at the moment I’m influenced but these guys are doing… Jay Z Griselda Swizz beats Ghetts Akala


When are your new projects coming out? New EP & starting a Mixtape series


What helped you get into music? The culture, always been a fan of it, I went from graffiti, dj to mc.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? Thank you for the support


What are your biggest goals for 2021? Staying consistent, putting out more content & making bigger moves

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