@Endless State

Exclusive Interview  New Projects? Endless State is a solo project by N.Ireland musician Gary Colbert.A former drummer of http://N.Irish band Novice, who split up back in 2012..I decided to go solo in 2017 after a couple of projects failed to get off the ground.. influences range from the punk/new wave scene of the late 70s/early … More @Endless State


  Exclusive Interview      Give us your bio  NOPRISM are a duo from Newcastle upon Tyne, England formed late 2019. We’ve been in band before, and come from a background of noise-driven guitar, so we wanted to shake things up a little with this band. We do synth-laden, soulful pop songs influenced by nuwave, … More NOPRISM

Drew Prescott

Exclusive Interview    BIO Yo! I’m drew prescott aka “jake the snake roberts” aka “lil oj Simpson” aka lord orochimaru. I don’t love these hoes I love jacks pizza. Top 5 Influences? Michael jackson, Chief keef, drake, Jimi Hendrix, future New Projects? Shit I just dropped a mixtape exclusively on SoundCloud all my lost tracks … More Drew Prescott


Indie Source got the chance to interview talented musician Evan Cazaubo about his music and process. Evan Cazaubon has proven time and time again he is capable of quality.  Exclusive Interview  BIO My name is Evan Cazaubon, stage name Reksen. Currently 32 years old residing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was raised in Kenner, Louisiana came … More Reksen


Exclusive Interview    Give us your bio: Freshly minted, Brique (pronounced “Brick”), is an all new group like no other we’ve seen before. California natives Brandon Yowakim, Keith Kelly and Sam Gerber produce a new and eccentric take on pop music. Effortlessly blending multiple genres, one will find elements of Gospel, Hip-Hop, Grunge and Rock … More Brique

Jeh Sinatra

Exclusive Interview  Bio: I’m an artist/songwriter/visionary/activist/ label owner from Syracuse N.Y. My label is Broken Hearts Music Group (BHMG) and I’am the creator of Forever 86’ Inc. I’ve been creating for 10+ years and have performed in many venues, released three full projects, and singles to date. 1. Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences … More Jeh Sinatra

Cyclone Manta

Exclusive Interview    Bio Cyclone Manta is an electronic music producer and visual artist from Decatur, GA. He graduated in 2018 from the University of Washington – Seattle and is currently residing in Alexandria, VA.   Who are your top 5 influences? My biggest influence is definitely 100 gecs. I was inspired to create electronic … More Cyclone Manta

Oohwee Been Smoove

Exclusive Interview    Give us your bio: Umar J Wilson III, better known by his stage name Oohwee Been Smoove is a rapper/songwriter based in Buffalo, NY. Taking cues from the hip hop practitioners before him, he writes music that is always associated with a message and packed with lyricism. He is an observer of … More Oohwee Been Smoove


      Exclusive Interview    BIO Zush formally 1/2 of The Locksmiths duo from West London launched he’s solo career at the start of 2019. Whilst working on he’s solo EP & mixtape, ZUSH has dropped a few Freestyles throughout the year to show a few new styles he’s been working on. ZUSH is … More Zush