Chantae Vetrice


Exclusive Interview 


Top 5 influences? Janet Jackson, Prince, Michael Jackson, Gwen Stefani, and Madonna.


New projects? I am about to release my second single at the end of next month! Keep a look out on all my social for updates and some other cool announcements!


What helped you get into music? I was raised around music so, it’s always been a major part of my life. But I first realized I wanted to make this my career when my father brought me to the recording studio in Miami to meet Kriss Kross and I fell in love with everything about it! The energy of creating, the fun you have in the studio and just the art of the entire process. I knew at that moment that I wanted to be in the industry.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? That their love for me and my music is what keeps me going. If I have made them smile, forget about their bad day or just make them want to dance, then that makes me happy! Fans are everything!


Biggest goals for 2021? To get on a tour! Live performance is where it’s at and after all of this Covid madness this year, it would be such a treat!

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