Exclusive Interview 


BIO Hi I’m 25 and go by the name SavageBxtch for my beats!


Top 5 influences? My top five influences are DaBaby, NLE Choppa, Rod Wave, BabyGoth and Skits Kraven.


What got you into making music? Honestly my co-workers and friends helped me get into music. When I first started making beats last year, I did it for fun and as a joke. Their encouragement helped me realize I was actually pretty good at it and needed to continue.


New Projects? Currently I’m working on my second beat album and it’s gonna have a few surprises on it, but it won’t be ready for a few more months!


Anything to tell your fans? The only thing I have to tell fans, or anyone who listens and supports me is that I’m forever grateful and I hope to make more music that they can enjoy.


Biggest Goals? In 2020 I have three goals for my beats: get better at it, make something that someone uses for their music, and maybe be in talks to sign to a bigger label.

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