Exclusive Interview 


BIO My stage name is Kingmj, also know as officialkingmj, l’m 21 years pf age and I’ve been recording music since I was 12 but I started writing songs at the age of 9. I really took it seriously in 2015 and have been creating, producing, and engineering music for myself as well as managing other artists. I make Hip Hop / Rap but also do a little R&B.


Top 5 Influences? The people that most influenced me has to be my mother and father, T.I., Nipsey Hustle & Gunna. My style of music is kind of different but people and my supporters say I look and sound like Gunna. How I create my music, I just get in the booth and freestyle but I do a little writing but when you record yourself freestyling it’s a different felling. When my followers listen to my music and listening to the message of the song or my lyrical content they’re like “ I feel where you’re coming from”.


New Projects? My new single will be releasing at the end of July with a great surprise for my supporters. Also I have a show coming up September 4th and 5th in Katy Texas at the Wildcatter Saloon.


What helped you get into music? What helped me get into music, was my mom. She’s a great singer who would sing to my as a kid. She also recorded music as well but didn’t pursue her singing career. Also music to me is therapy. When I was younger I would have depressive moods and what what would bring me out of those moods was music.


Anything to tell your fans? I would tell my fans if you have a dream chase it. Like Nike says “Just Do It”! Because if you set your mind to it and put God first, there’s nothing you can’t achieve! My mom told me when I was young like elementary school age, the first thing I would say to her when I would come home from school was “Mom if you do good, life will be better “! And that’s what I have been doing ever since, doing good and striving to be a better influencer.


Biggest Goals for 2021? My biggest goals for 2021 is to drop my debut album and have more collaboration and to be bigger than what I am now.

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