Chuck W

Exclusive Interview 


BIO Hi! My name is Chuck W. and I am a Neo-Psychedelic / Experimental Electronic artist hailing from Amityville, NY. This is my story and I’m sticking to it – I’ve been a Musician all my life and, frankly, it’s one thing on this crazy Planet I feel I do understand. For this there’s only one person to thank. My mother found my first drum kit in, very much truthfully, the garbage. The truck to the dump was not more than 2 blocks away. She snagged it, got me lessons and talk of quitting became heresy. I’m eternally grateful she took such a staunch position. Otherwise, I’d never developed the thick skin everything within this industry requires. Fast forward a little bit and this was not something I took on with a laissez-faire attitude in my teens. I’d skip lunch, bail on friends and be late to work, just for 5 more minutes on the marimba. This laser focus sharpened my chops enough to work my way into a traditional Percussion program at a pretty darn good University. I had everything I’d worked for, but was still let down … I was disappointed in traditional music study. If you think a bit about it, the study of music in a formal fashion has been the same thing for so long they still teach Gregorian chants! Needless to say, I found myself bored beyond belief very, very quickly. At the same time, I’d made many friends within the University Film Department. As I’m fighting my way to even sign up for a practice room at 3 AM, these guys are having the times of their lives filming about campus and expressing themselves freely. This was all the push I needed to say, “Yep, I think I’m headed that way.” I dived in with no experience, never having touched a camera and now hold my degree in Film. Music never stopped being the absolute focal point, though. Fast forward AGAIN! – This time a good twenty years. My world is changed upside down when some genius in a car 2x the size of mine bowls through a stop sign, nearly causing the entire loss of my right arm. Needless to say, playing drums was done for me. Rather than becoming a sob story, though, I refused. Instead of ceasing to play, I learned to adapt. Stopping was not a thought that ever dawned on me. I just kind of continued to do my thing What’s interesting is prior to the Accident I’d never released any of my solo material. I realized very quickly that no one will ever hear it if I’m not here to physically place the stinking stuff right under everyone’s noses, since I’m not van Gogh and shouldn’t anticipate any posthumous parades in honor of my work, haha. So, one armed, battered, broken. I stumbled my way through and feel now I’m very much coming into my own and writing exactly what I’d hoped to have been. I surprise dropped my album, HMDBC II, just last week and cannot be more elated with how it turned out. As an artist, I like to embrace ‘the weird,’ as I call it. HMDBC II definitely does that. It is my fourth album in 365 days (truthfully, I’m not sure how it happened either.) and entirely hardware based. The fact that there’s no soft synths, the foundation of its preceding EP, is an initial red flag that you are entering the territory of ‘the weird.’ It hearkens back to some of my earliest material, with a style I’ve taken to calling Synth-Punk, because I don’t know how better to describe it. Either way, I do truly hope you enjoy and the mere fact you’d give it a listen truly does mean the world to me 


Top 5 Influences?This one always throws me for a loop – Do I answer in relation to what I sound like, or who gets the energy flowing best for me? I try to find an even middle ground. I think one that is pretty obvious is LCD SoundSystem. One not to be ignored is by MILES The Clash. No one writes a catchier electronic tune then the Master himself, Beck. For the weird factor, The Velvet Underground has no comparison. For good measure I sometimes throw in the sparsely known Crust Punk Band, Choking Victim.


When’s your next project coming out? So, I’ve released four records in the last 365 days but I hate to neglect the visual end of things. Fortunately for me, I’ve been linked with a very kind showrunner working for the Scottish Broadcasting Company. At the present, we are finalizing HMDBC: The Movie (Yes, a movie), to be streamed at some point in August. It’s an hour long and I’m mega excited for that. Otherwise, I try to write a bit each day, so who knows when something will pop out to me as completed next, might be tomorrow, might be five years from now.


What helped me get into music? – The costly price of a Saxophone mouth piece that led my mother on the hunt to find me an ‘economy’ instrument, settling eventually for a drum kit she uncovered in the trash.


One thing to tell fans? – I appreciate any time given to listening to any of my material, EVER. Time is fleeting and for you to just gift me that is what being an Artist is all about.


Biggest 2021 Goals?Since my right arm has been broken over a year now, but on the mend, I’m starting to finally give some serious thought to gigging around more and cannot wait to do so. I’ve had a strict limitation to not lift more than five pounds of anything, but after that subsides I look forward to dragging every last patch cord into some dingy basement in Queens somewhere to rock some face to a crowd of 3 people. Why? Because THAT is mother fucking rock N’ roll!

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