Exclusive Interview 


Give us your bio. JoelID is a freestyle rapper from the Phoenix, Arizona area who has become established as, what we in the game call, a Wild Card rapper. Delivering lyrics with a wide vocabulary and subject matter that varies. His past releases give us his perspective from all points of view. He has spent the past couple years focusing on pocket and word play to work towards mastering his craft at a higher level. When he JoelID is not murdering the mic he is a devoted husband and father.


Who are your top 5 influences? My top 5 influences change daily depending on how I’m feeling that day. If I had to pick, and not in any particular order I would say: Royce Da 5’9, Lloyd Banks, Eminem, Hopsin, and today Snoop Dogg.


When are your new projects coming out? I just put out my album called “A Glimpse” which is a 15 track album you can find on SoundCloud, datpiff, and YouTube. I have released 3 music videos on YouTube for the “A Glimpse” album, and I am working on 2 more music videos for it as we speak. I just released a single that is not on the album titled “Somethin’ Must Be Broken” feat. The BodyGuard which is a song focused on Black Lives Matter. I just released a music video for that. I am also working on another album where I get to pick my beats instead of make them and I’m going to release the songs on that as I master them. Everything of mine right now is free just to get my voice out there again.


What helped you get into music? My love for rap developed out of poetry. I had never really heard rap and by age 8 I was freestyling. When I was about 9 I heard my first rap album “Infinite” by Eminem. That’s when I realized I’ve been rapping without knowing what it was. I then went through every rap song I could starting with Run DMC, The Beastie Boys, and LL Cool J. I kept writing/freestyling on every interlude, ending, and beginning of a song I could get. My parents supported my rapping but didn’t really understand it until I did my first album at age 14. I made all these beats, went to a commercial studio in town, and my mom begged the producer to record me. I freestyled over that whole album… I also realized now that I freestyled some stuff I regret and apologize for but that was really off the top. I tried to sound like Eazy-E and Eminem. It was horrible. At age 15 I began going with my cousin to freestyle events that we had to lie about our age to get into, it was fun. As I grew up I realized I needed to be myself on the mic. So at age 17ish I put out an album with Ice Creams which was another rapper in the area called “Heaven and Hell.” That’s when I really started producing. You can hear static on those tracks. When I was 19 I stopped doing freestyle battles and put out 20+ singles and then about age 22 signed for a 1 album deal to Cirius Audio. Eric produced my album and we put it out with no marketing. I left him with the album and went to California. That’s where I met The BodyGuard, got on a few records with him, saw how he produced, and got back into freestyling. Since then I’ve been just working on an album called “Remix to Resurrect”, I want that album to be perfect so it’s taken a while and I decided to take songs that were great but not for that album and make this album I just put out called “A Glimpse”, which is a glimpse into the next album “Remix to Resurrect” and at my life right now. See, I love all music and I can’t sing, can’t play instruments, so the only way to get into music for me was rap. Rap is one of the only things I am naturally good at. Rap itself is what got me into music.


Anything to tell your fans? Keep listening, stay tuned, let me know what you think. You are my influence. Thank you, truly, for listening.


What are your biggest goals for 2020? My main goal is to get my music into everyone’s ears. I just have one need in music and that is to be heard. My other goals are to be the greatest father and husband I can be.

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