Miles Lyrics

Exclusive Interview 



Top 5 Influences/What got you into Hiphop? First of all I appreciate your interest, hope y’all doing great! Well, I felt in love with hiphop as Snoop Dogg dropped Doggystyle. I was a kid, couldn’t understand the words but loved the cover, that is how It couched my attention. My older cousin introduced me to the hiphop culture. The rebellion but at the same time the unity, freedom of speech, word play.. these are the main reasons… I realized the importance as the ARTICOLO 31 (historic Italian rap group, when we talk about mainstream) came out. I was shocked. That’s where I understood what hiphop is all about, MESSAGE. I finally could understand em, that’s why I started learning English. Back in the days there was no youtube so the Italian underground scene was impossible for me to follow because I lived in Switzerland. Tupac played a big part, but as I focused my self on the east coast scene, I realized that the sound, what we today define classic New York boom bap caught my heart. The RZA beats, Mr. Mef’s style, Biggie, Mobb Deep, Big’s not easy to give 5 names. Bassi Maestro too, Italian MC that showed me that you can do all by yourself, from rappin to beatmaking to scratchin. My actual work is TUTTO SCORRE available on all digital platforms produced by myself. Italian Rap with English hooks, on propose with accent.


New Projects? My next projects should drop soon, one is “360 Mentalität” it’s a Swiss german EP, produced by THEORY BEATZ, my Bosnian brother. An other single (Swiss rap) produced by Siczek, my Polak brother is dropping first in the next weeks, just to let em know that the Thun City’ Finest’s hasn’t finished yet. “1994”, produced by myself, instead is Italian rap, it’s an other collaboration album with an Italian MC called Nomea, great lyricist and artist. The album is produced by myself. Once we drop, I’m looking forward to work on my next solo project, trying to include NYC and Toronto artist that I’m in touch with. Big up to The Last Composer (TO) and Cold Sholda (NY). 


What got you into music? Music had always a big part in my life, uncles, cousins, parents, they all delivered me the passion for create, you know, we Italian life with and for the music, “O Sole Mio” all day long. (Lol)


Anything to tell your fans? The only thing I would tell my fans is to be safe, awake and faithful. God is great, the times we all are going through aren’t usual. all together! a one man show is not what we need to keep our children and family safe!


Goals for 2020? To stay healthy, keep smiling and to give my child the live it deserves. I’m not looking for success but victory. Of course I wish to buy my family a big house, to allow to stay all united when they gonna lock us up, again.

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