Exclusive Interview 


Give us your bio? I am Jamaican. Born in NY. Traveled around to different places and countries. I have a twin brother and twin siblings. Back in elementary school is where it all started. I had to elect a course in the 4th grade and I told myself I wanted to learn those silly notes lol. My brother joined and we played the flute. I stuck with it, he grew up to do other hobbies in school. Back then I love watching things I couldn’t indulge in when my mom was around, it was “too grown”, but braids and mase brandy and the Diddy era I call it just came out. I wanted to dance like them and be great. My family didn’t understand that industry and wanted us to think about our careers as we grew. I joined an advanced choir in 8th grade and continued in high school before I I switched over to theater. I learned other styles and from young then but looking back now, I knew I wanted to do music. I knew I was great at anything I did. Not having hope in it but I knew I’d get here somehow. Jay eLL comes from wanting to match my twin brother Jay Oh, he was in a group and I thought If I ever came out it would be something that rhymed. I always sung, I never thought I’d be dope at rapping as well. In 2017 I moved away after a mix of depressive things to start a journey to Jay eLL where no one knew me. My grandfather played the guitar and my grandmother used to pay for our piano lessons. I noticed when something sad happened I walked away from expressing myself and stayed closed in. But after he died and I moved to Tampa FL in 2017, I just was ready to find a outlet to release my creative talents and surround myself with positive people. I slowly bloomed performing at my first show late Oct of 2019 and releasing my first single Feb of 2019 I was starting to accomplish more than I can imagine. TheeInnerMeSpeaks is my newest brand and it basically provides a voice and a journey to my life. (Currently looking for videographers) So much to come and I am ready to build and take it to the next level.


Who are your top 5 influences? Ava D – Made when they see us. Beyonce – Woman Entrepreneur Artist Designer H.e.r – Artist Songwriter Lauryn Hill – Artist SongWriter Nas, Kendrick, Cole, the list goes on.


When are your new projects coming out? I’m working on a couple mixtapes and an EP all dropping this year, check out my two singles on Apple Music JayeLL music.apple.com/us/album/203-t What helped you get into music? My family is heavy into music, my uncle Ohmega Watts is a dope DJ, my Father Gadjett is so much inspiration, he has been rapping for a while doing music in the reggae industry. I loved writing music and poetry to express myself, I left it alone for other endeavors, but I always came back to free myself of the world through my art. When I had no one I had music.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? Never give up on yourself, don’t be afraid to express yourself. My music will bring you a vibe and I Hope leaves you positive. The goal is to always check the goal.


What are your biggest goals for 2020? Give back, and rebuild with the help of the community. First through the music then through the world. I hope.

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