Exclusive Interview 



Tell me about your roll in this company? I am a Co CEO of Wyldlyfemusikgroup  


What is your favorite part of this business?A favorite thing I enjoy about our company is we allow artist to be themselves and express themselves in ways that they may have not been able to before joining our company Our artist are very open and throughout their music they have a lot to say . Their music SHOULD BE and WILL BE heard by several individuals throughout the world. 


Being a representative what challenges do you face in the modern industry? A few things I’d say that may challenge me in modern industry is me being a women. There’s many men in this industry already doing the things that Wyldlyfemusikgroup does . With me being a women it’s even more of challenge because people constantly question if a women is put up for this role and if she can manage and manifest in this industry. My answer to that question is Hell Yes . I have the knowledge and the brain power to get exactly where I want both myself and the company to be , and we will get to were we are tryna be no matter what obstacles comes along the way.


Plans for the new year? My plans for the new year is to not give up and to continue to do better . I plan to drop more music videos this year as well as get my name and the company’s name out their to those who have never heard of myself or the company . I have a goal and that goal will take place 2020 . Stay tune !!

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