Exclusive Interview 


Bio- The name is kushing I’ve been off the grid for almost 15 years slowly making my way back on, maybe start paying taxes next year. (Insert laugh) I’ve got stories from both farms and labs that would scare the shit outta you along with underground practices that really make life worth it.


Top 5 influences?right now I’m with some lil baby, young thug, and The Weeknd but I came from things like weezy and shit as far as the Grateful Dead


New Projects? the next album coming out is called “suicidal” set to debut in early April 2020 and it’s about my struggle dealing with the psychosomatic trauma that comes with dealing outside of society combating with the healing that comes from ballin out 


What got you into music? got into music somewhat ironically because of Jimi Hendrix(seeing as I didn’t make this type of music) Though he was before my time I saw what true originality could look like


Anything to tell your fans?  I would tell any fans that death is the only absolute and to quit thinking otherwise so basically you should live life with excess so in summary 2020 is going to be a year of realization

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