Exclusive Interview 


BIO I was born in Maryland and raised in two areas mostly Virginia to Georgia. I was influenced early on by groups like Outkast and lyricists like Nas. So far I’ve managed to grind out and work with some artists who you might have heard of. I got songs with Raheem Devaughn and new music with Glasses Malone, 88keys, Do or die, Fiend, Sean paul of the Youngbloodz, and Capone. I chose artists from each coast, including the midwest, on my new project for two main reasons: To show my diversity as an artist and also pay homage to the veterans in the game. I just started making beats recently and I produced two tracks on my album.


Top 5 Influences? I can’t ever narrow it to 5 but my biggest influences are Outkast, Nas, Jay/Biggie, Face, Pac, Jada and many others.


New Projects? My newest project is, The Underdog, available on all platforms. I have another one I’m working on right now too. My best friend helped me get into music. I used to write poems and rhymes to myself but he read some and the rest is history.


Anything to tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans is thank you for your support. I’ll sign every autograph and shirt I can for my supporters.


Biggest Goals for 2020? My biggest goals for 2020 are shooting more videos and putting more people on to my music. I just finished my first book and I’m shooting my first movie this year. I’m not just a rapper, it’s plenty I got lined up this year. 2020 is gonna be big for me, I can feel it

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