Isiah Super

Exclusive Interview 



Give us your bio My name is Zay Super. I’m 24, i was born and raised for most of my life in Cleveland, OH then I moved to Arizona and have been residing here since. My genre of music is hip hop. I have a true love for lyrics and the all around music experience, and I try to express that in my music. Currently, I guess I fall under the “SoundCloud rapper” category, since most of my music is on that platform at the moment. I dropped my first tape “Soul Food” late December 2018 going into 2019. But I currently have my new single “Out the Window” on Apple Music and Spotify and I’m working on music videos as well. Just everything an artist needs to do to become THE ARTIST. Hopefully 2020 is the year everyone will know ZAY SUPER!


Who are your top 5 influences? As I said earlier, I love lyrics. So my top 5 influences would have to be some of my favorite lyricist. Biggie, Dave East, J Cole, Wayne and the last one would have to be drake just for the quality of music he produces.


When are your new projects coming out? Currently, I have two tapes dropping this year! First tape dropping early March is a collaboration album “Lost in Transparency” I did with this artist out here named D7. The tape is just crazy, can’t wait for it to drop! Second tape is going to be my second solo album. It will be dropping later this year around December. The name of the tape is “TWIN BLADES” and it’s going to be a unique album. A real display of my versatility, lyrics and flow. My goal is to have you listen to this tape and immediately have to play it back. I want my music to be something you can play forever, that shit that sticks with you!


What helped you get into music? Well, I grew up around music so I’ve always had a love for it. My dad was a musician back in the day. So I grew up listening to him playing the piano and singing, bumping Motown classics, jazz and really found my first love through all of that. I used to write r&b songs when I was 7-8 and around middle school is when I started trying to write raps after hearing 50 cent for the first time haha. Then went to free styling in high school. But a year after I graduated high school, was when I started taking my craft more serious and haven’t looked back since! “Find what you love and let it kill you”.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? Thank you! Thank you for taking a listen, thank you for staying loyal and constantly giving my music plays. You guys make this shit happen! Artists are nothing without you guys!


What are your biggest goals for 2020? I just want to take my career to the next level. And just progress in life in general. For a portion of 2019 I was sleeping in my car in the summer in Arizona, that shit was hell! Probably one my lowest points ever and I pulled my self out of that situation and I’ve never been so hungry and dedicated to make things happen. I’m a true believer in speaking things into existence so I’m saying it here now! ZAY SUPER IS GOING TO BLOW UP THIS YEAR!

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