Exclusive Interview 



Give us ur bio: I’m an upcoming music producer from India. I’ve been producing music for about 3 years now mainly focusing on Hip Hop, trap and lo-fi as well as messing with other genres too. What helped you get into music: I have been listening to music since my childhood but I got really interested into music when I started listening to Eminem. His songs made me curious about what goes behind the craft. Gradually I started listening to Hip Hop a lot which made me interested in listening to all kinds of music. When I started working as a software developer, it made me realize that producing music is my real calling. So, I downloaded Ableton and started messing around making music on a blank canvas.

Top 5 Influences? As Marshall was the one who got me into music, Dr. Dre had to be my major influence. His beats make my head bang when I listen to Em. Other than him, Timbaland has to be in my top influences. Since I started producing 3 years ago, producers like Kenny Beats, Metro Boomin, Cxdy, KyleBeats and Simon Servida have been my inspiration and my Gurus.


New Projects? I’m currently working on my first melody loop kit which I will be releasing soon. Apart from that, I’m also working on a project with a local rapper which will be released soon after. And I might also put out a beat tape on Spotify.


Anything to tell your fans? Although I don’t have many fans, but all of them have been a great support. Their motivation and support encourages me to work hard, improve my skills and strive to be better everyday.


Goals for 2020? I will be focussing on improving my skills on sound design, working on more loop kits, uploading more frequently on YouTube and building my own brand. issue.

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