Exclusive Interview 


Give us your bio: my name is Jaylon I’m 21 years old born and raised in Indiana , I go by JJuice (jay-juice) or just (juice) all preference. I got the nick name from my friends back when I was competing in call of duty a couple years ago & it just stuck with me ever since then. Shout out my guys ( Frank , Nick & Mike ) for the nick name lol . I first got into producing a couple years ago maybe like 2015-2016 I download the free trial of FL studio and it was just too complicated for me , I didn’t have the patience to figure it out so I just stopped trying, and on top of that the producer edition of Fl Studio was like $200 and at the time that was just too much for me to put towards a program that I didn’t take that serious or knew anything about , so around that time I continued to compete in call of duty trying to get my name out there and possibly make it pro but that didn’t go as planned, so about 5 months ago that’s when my brother showed me this YouTuber that was a producer who goes by the name of “sharpe”, I started watching him like everyday and just got so hooked on his content and just seeing how much fun he had making music was so inspiring to me. I just had the mindset like if he can do it I can do it too . So on August 25th 2019 I decided to stop playing call of duty and give music producing another go , I bought FL Studio the Producer edition, thing costed $200 so I had to make sure this time around I took it serious, there’s no way I’m gonna just buy this program just to give up like I did last time so while I waited for It to get shipped to my house I started watching so many videos & tutorials about the program so I at least had an idea on what I was doing when I got my hands on FL , and that’s when I came across another you tuber named “Kyle Beats” and I started watching him every day as well. I learned so much from him, his videos were so helpful for me , just seeing how serious people took this and how much fun they had while doing it at the same time was dope to me ,I knew I wanted to have that same mind set when dealing with FL Studio because last time around I just gave up, not this time.


Who are your top 5 influences? My top 5 influences are “Sharpe” “Kyle Beats” “Nick Mira” “take a day trip” & “Kenny Beats” they all have a very unique sound


When are your new projects coming out? I have a few songs I’m working on with a couple of artists, the only thing about that is that some people just work to slow for me, I have beats I sent out to artist months ago and they still haven’t recorded anything with the beats, so instead of trying to work on any big projects right now I’m more focused on perfecting my sound & improving in FL Studio , only been at it for 5 months still have tons to learn, don’t wanna force anything.


What helped you get into music? Ive always had a passion for music growing up, not a lot of people know this but I grew up being in a choir in church and that’s really where it all began , I was so fascinated with the drums and the guitar , & by the time I got to high school I was in the schools marching band where I played the trumpet, probably the coolest instrument I’ve ever learned how to play. But what really got me into the producing aspect was Watching “sharpe” and “Kyle Beats” everyday, it really got me motivated What is one thing you would tell your fans? If you take anytime out of your day to listen to any of my beats or support me in any kind of way I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart, when I first started out my main goal was to make music decent enough to where other people would actually enjoy it, and I’m slowly but surely getting there , the fact I can cook something up now and get people nodding their heads while listening is the best feeling ever, 5 months ago That was my main goal and slowly getting there day by day. The feedback I get on my beats are pretty good and I’m so appreciative for that.


What are your biggest goals for 2020? My goal is to just being able to make a living off of this one day ,being able to take care of my family off of doing something I love doing would mean the world to me. I know it takes time which is why I will continue to work hard and stay motivated just the thought of me being able to take care of my family off of this is enough to keep me going. -I would love to get a placement by the end of 2020, I believe if I keep working hard and stay motivated everyday I could achieve that. -Another big goal of mine is to get my name out there. And I would also love to produce for a big artist or even make a hit with an artist.

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