Lisa Marie Nicole

Exclusive Interview 


BIO Lisa Marie Nicole Christian Recording Artist My name is Lisa Marie Nicole, I am a Catholic Christian recording artist and songwriter, From Dunnellon, Florida. I am very Active in the music ministry and i cantor In my church choir. I am also involved in other ministries that help me to serve God and my community. I have been singing in the choir since I was a child and I always wanted to sing and write music. I suffer with Chronic pain for many years and Music has helped me Cope with the pain, so I wanted to use my writing abilities That God has blessed me with to help other people That suffer. So while i was worship leader in our contemporary Mass, I started writing music based on personal suffering And my relationship with God, Then i picked up the guitar And with the help of the Lord, I learned how to play on my own. I started having dreams of lyrics and melodies and I would wake up and write it down. within a few days a song was complete. I knew God was giving me the knowledge and the strength to do this. I found inspiration in my favorite verse Philippians 4:13, so I wrote a song about it. With the Lord’s help I learned to write, sing and play christian contemporary music Based on scripture and personal suffering in my life. Within 2 years I have written over 90 christian contemporary songs. My husband and I decided to take it further and I went into a studio to record the songs. By the Grace of God I released my first professional CD,Grace Healed My Soul In 2019. To finish off the year i released two new singles, Specially Created By Your Hand and Pray About Everything. My music Is available everywhere. I became good friends with Many scholars, who have helped me along with my Faith and my music. I have been interviewed by Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers who has a show on EWTN and is a personal friend, and I have done several live radio interviews, that are available on my youtube page. Many people have said they find inspiration In my music and through the Grace of God I will continue To do his work. I feel I have the need to tell my testimony To the World, because what I have accomplished in a short Period of time is a gift and a Blessing and i feel that the Lord has Something to say to the World through my music. I am just a vessel for the Lord to use. God will continue to use me to help me spread his Word through music. Thank you God Bless


New Projects?  I am writing new songs every week.  I’m going back into the studio this year to record a new song and work on my next CD.  I plan on doing live radio interviews and shows all over. 
What helped get you into music? What i think has helped me get into music is my love for God and my love for writing and singing. I really enjoy picking up the guitar and writing a new song and i want to share it with the world. 
Anything to tell your fans? One thing i would tell my fans is that i will never give up. I will keep working hard, writing singing and playing and praising God through my music and i hope they follow me along the way. 
Biggest goals for 2020? is to become a well known Christian recording artist, To have someone in the field give me a chance to prove myself in this industry.

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