Big O

Exclusive Interview 


What got you into music? I’m an Aspiring up and coming music producer coming up from the south. I’ve always listen to all kinds of music from chopped & screwed to a lil bit of everything. Been producing for about three years now getting better each and everyday.


Top 5 Influences? Dolan Beats, Lex Luger, Tay Keith, Metro Boomin, n Slime FBG are my biggest influnces. I grew up listening to beats made by them and eventually all those styles blended in to me. Dolan Beats 808’s, Lex Luger Trap drum patterns, Tay Keiths Hard ass Kicks, Metro Boomins Dark meldoies, n Slime FBG’s Dope ass sound selection. Each of these things caught my ear inspired me to dive into the music scene. Still till this day you can see the influence but dont get me wrong i have my own style. Just my style is heavily influenced by them n is a combination of all those things.


New Projects? I recently not too long ago created a YouTube channel to drop my beats on there. Not only that very soon imma have the Grand Opening of my BeatStore. My goal is to have it launch either late this year or the beginning of the next year. During the mean time imma be making a second YouTube Channel dedicated to making my own Chopped and screwed videos. Chop and screw has i believe died down over the years and i believe i can bring it back and make it poppin. Lastly, im working on releasing a Podcast/show that talks about Hip Hop. Doesnt matter which era of Hip Hop everything is being discuss ! Theres no specific date for this yet but it is in the works.


What got you into music? I’ve always been into music but i never thought i would make it myself. Believe it or not i started off playing on my little cousins keyboard trying out different melodies and overall had a great time. I ain’t gone lie i hogged the piano toy from my cousins for a while. My Homegirl during the time showed me this app called Music Maker. On the app the sound presets are already there you just arrange them and manipulate them. Not to long after that i met a mentor who i still talk too this day. That told me about fl studio n from that day on i been on FL since. My Homeboy who’s also on the come up with me name lil flossa. His Dad started calling me Big O and that name stuck with me ever since.


Anything to tell your fans? I tell my supporters thank you very much and honestly i dont have a huge following yet, but i recognized  the support and everybody who send words of encouragement, and motivation. Yall are the goat fr im grateful and thankful!


Biggest goals for 2020? My biggest goals this year is building my producer credits, and working on building my fan base. This year is about planning seeds n growth!

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