Flive Twenty


Exclusive Interview 


BIO Hi I’m Flive Twenty, but you can call me Jason. I’ve been writing for 5 years! I was born May 19, 1997, in Dallas, Texas. I graduated from Plano West Senior High School, in 2015. Directly after, I spent 2015 and 2016 at Texas Tech University, as a pre-med student, minoring in psychology. I still need to finish college, that’s a huge goal of mine.


Top 5 Influences? Let me stress that I don’t like all these rappers the same anymore, however they’re definitely my top influences that got me stuck into rap.

Eminem, Big Sean, Tech N9ne, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg

In 6th and 7th grade, I would come home from school, hop on my sisters computer, while I still had time, and I got into Lil Wayne immediately. As I aged, I got into a lot, but Eminem and Snoop Dogg followed after Lil Wayne. Lastly, Big Sean and Tech N9ne came into my life, and I knew it was I wanted to do. Eminem is a huge component in my life. Honorable mentions go to Jay-Z and Logic, I’m itching to put Jay-Z in but he wasn’t who got me started  into Rap and neither did Logic.


New Projects? My latest project should be out by the end of January or the beginning of February. I bought my first exclusive, it came from one of my favorite people, CG Beats. At the moment, the project is called “Playa”, named after the same beat I bought. At the moment I finished one verse and I’m half way done with the second verse.


What got you into music? Starting off my family’s very into music. My dad used to sell his own CD’s that he made; back no later than 2005. He had a drum beat machine, and made entire songs all by himself, which to me back then and still is very impressive. His mom made him become an attorney although his dream was to be a musician. He passed the bar on the first try, then quit because he didn’t like it. February 23, 2005, my dad committed suicide. He was unfortunately diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 43 or 45. This only occurs to less than or equal to 1% of Parkinson’s patients. The doctors gave him a combination of medications for his treatment, that aren’t used anymore. This is because the combination of drugs can cause homicidal thoughts, hallucinations, bad and strange thoughts, and suicidal thoughts. In 2017, my mom had a brain tumor, a left frontal meningioma, the size of a baseball or grapefruit. During the resection of the non-cancerous tumor, she had a stroke. She was in a coma for 3-5 days, thank God she survived. I hospitalized myself twice during and after this happened, because I was having suicidal thoughts and idealization. I used to always try to freestyle with my friends, but I couldn’t, not nearly as good as them. However, I knew I could write. So, I started writing again as an outlet, then it turned into a passion. I started really getting into Eminem. The way he organizes his lyrics with the speed and cadence, got me hooked. Eminem got me through a lot!


Anything to say to your fans? Y’all have no idea how much y’alls support means to me. I’m only about a year into this, practicing my craft religiously 2-5 hours every day. At this point, it’s beginning to be less about me and more about the people that listen to what I make. I have a very small community that I love, cherish, and am blessed to have. I’m starting to get more comfortable, so I’ll be putting out some music related to anxiety, depression, and more. I want y’all to be able to relate, and know that you’re not alone. If I made it through 2017 to 2019, and quit vaping and smoking cigarettes, I know that y’all can get get through anything. NOTHING IS BAD FOREVER! FOLLOW YOUR PASSION! Nothing can get in your way, but when obstacles appear, you just gotta hop over them. The end of the tunnel is very bright, you just have to walk through the darkness first.


Goals for 2020? My goal for 2020, is to continue staying on the right track, continue to improve my skills, and to put out more music!! My life goals are to get a car and start some college classes. I know for a fact, 2020, is the beginning of something amazing. This is my year! I went through 3 years of hell, so I’m conditioned for the bad, but 2020 should be one of the best years I’ve lived. I’m gonna keep on my grind, and continue working as hard as possible.

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