King Rony Rosemond

Exclusive Interview 


Bio: Based in Florida, 25 year old, King Rony Rosemond is a up and coming Musician, Producer and entrepreneur that has dedicated his life work to building his Empire from the ground up. Perfecting his Music performance, Technical abilities and unique sounds over the years, Rony Rosemond has mastered unforgettable studio recordings, and now is ready for the world to hear his sound straight from a kings soul, releasing his first ever EP Rising Kingdom with the very first 6 songs he has ever written, recorded, and produced beats for his own music. Hoping to captivate the hearts of fans and audience members across the nation. Get in touch to learn more about his musical expertise.


Top 5 Influences? 1. Michael Jackson 2. Chris brown 3. Drake 4. Kendrick Lamar 5. J.Cole


New Projects? No big Projects being released as of yet working on Singles that will be released but no exact details on release dates. Reasons on Pursuing Music: Music has always been a passion of mine and dreamed to always have a big career in the music culture.


Anything to tell your fans? My Advice for my fans and future fans is to never wait to start what you want to accomplish in life tackle your dreams full on and don’t take no or failure as a result or answer.


Goals for 2020? My biggest goals for 2020 is to perfect my craft ,content ,expand my brand, increase my fan base & become one of the Best artist in the 20’s decade.


Social Media Links: Instagram: Iamronyrosemond Facebook page: Iamronyrosemond Twitter: Iamronyrosemond Snapchat: Datboirony Website:

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