Megan Black

Exclusive Interview 


Bio: Scottish musician and vocalist Megan Black is a young aspiring artist bringing her new innovative takes on blues, pop and rock music to the forefront of the up and coming Scottish music scene. Gathering an array of inspiring sounds from Kate Bush to Stevie Nicks, Megan is conjuring a sound for timeless music that keeps the sounds of generations to come ever connected to what galvanised them. Performing at defining venues such as King Tut’s, La Belle Angele and The Hug and Pint, Megan has made a considerable impression at venues across the country. After releasing her debut single ‘Fur Coat Queen’ in April 2019 Megan has caught the attention of many in the music scene within Scotland. Her song brought her into the top 10 for the new BBC Singer Songwriter Award. Megan has recently just released her second single ‘Wooden Woman’ which will no doubt bring her even more success.


Top 5 Influences? Megan’s influences tend to derive from a variety of musicians from different era’s and styles of music. Megan’s main influences include Bob Dylan, LP, Fleetwood Mac, Florence and the Machine and The Talking Heads (to name a few).


New Projects?  Megan will be performing with her band in many different venues and festivals around Scotland into the New Year along with releasing a new single in springtime 2020.


What helped Megan get into Music? Megan had only started singing at age 14 and since then started performing and eventually picked up guitar and piano as she learned how to read and write music. Megan’s main help getting into music was a love for performing arts and quirky characters generated through her favorite novels growing up – loving the idea of altering people’s expectations of how she should look, act and think. Performing eventually became natural to Megan; and with the support from those around her, she soon began gigging and even competed for the best young musician in Scotland at just 15 years old.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? Megan: “I would tell any fans of mine that my main inspiration is to eventually just not really give a fuck! I love the idea of people just doing what they want and creating things how they see fit. We always need new inspiration from somewhere, and, for me; I’ll always be looking for it. I don’t plan on staying the same in the way I write, dress or think. My main goal is to release music, do what I love, be around cool people, see cool places, and – as I say – one day just not give a fuck and enjoy it; that’d be lovely. Also, any fans of mine out there, I appreciate you so, so much. You’re fab!”


Biggest Goals in 2020? Megan’s biggest goals in 2020 are to release more music, build her fan base, make more contacts and hopefully play some gigs on tour in the UK

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