Krystal Brown

Exclusive Interview 


Give us your bio. I was raised in Chesapeake Virginia. I began writing songs at the age of 15. I was writing poetry before then. I was raised in a single parent home and we were quite poor. We had no car in the household and I only recently got a driver’s license in my 20s. I have always loved music though. When I was a child, I would listen to dance music like Ace of Base and LaBouche and Real McCoy. My mother likes Oldies music like the Supremes, James Brown, Little Richard and Marvin Gaye. Also, I am an animal lover….I have five toads, a bearded dragon, a crested gecko and two cats.


Who are your top 5 influences?. I believe it is good to have artists you like, but I don’t really believe in taking anyone else’s style. It is good to appreciate other artists’ skills and work, but you have to come out with your own thing and just do you. I like Solange and what she has done with her music. I love Depeche Mode and their moody atmospheric tracks. I also enjoy Brandy (love her unique voice) and Charli XCX. Rihanna makes good music as well. She has an ear for picking out what will do well and has put out so many catchy songs. But I still don’t try to copy them because they are doing a good job of doing what they are doing. They don’t need me to come along and bite off a piece of their style. But I like and appreciate their work.


When are your new projects coming out? My new album should be out in mid or late 2020. Right now, I am trying to promote my current project “Lady Sisyphus” for all it is worth.


What helped you get into music? I have always like music and how it can take you to another place and make you feel without being as intrusive as something visual. Millions of songs have been created throughout human history and no two are exactly the same. It is fascinating to me. I really like the creative process and going into the kitchen so to speak. You have this idea in your head of how you think things will turn out but they always turn out a little bit different and that is part of the process. I have always enjoyed where music takes people and how it affects both those who are making it and those who are listening to it. It was very cathartic for me to write and create “Lady Sisyphus” because songs on it deal with toxic relatives and body image issues and all of the things that I am going through.


What is one thing you would tell your fans? You are very much appreciated. Fans are an artists’ drive to keep going.


What are your biggest goals for 2020? My goals are to get more sales and streams on my current EP and come out with an even better album in the latter part of 2020!

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