Exclusive Interview 


BIO HeLives is an electronic music producer based in Cork, Ireland. His music’s cultural flavour is Christian, Positive, uplifting and seeks to encourage the listener with feelings of faith and hope. His music is uniquely electronic and uses various synthesizers in his music production. His music could be styled as being slightly retro and he draws influences from 90’s Hiphop and Dance music.


Top 5 Influences? My top 5 influences that have influenced me over the years at different stages of my life would be Cross Nation, Marshall Marshall, Faithless, DMX and Mauro Picotto.


New Projects? I have a new single release called, ‘Without You’ on Friday 13th of December and new music planned for 2020.


What got you into music? From a young age I have felt a calling towards music and performance and started writing rhymes and making beats when I was 18 yrs old.


Anything to tell your fans? 1 thing I would tell my fans is no matter how dark things get never give up hope and faith. There is always a way out. I’ve been there!


Biggest Goals for 2020? My biggest goal for 2020 is simply to continue to grow as an artist and make music that impacts others for the better.

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