Exclusive Interview    BIO HeLives is an electronic music producer based in Cork, Ireland. His music’s cultural flavour is Christian, Positive, uplifting and seeks to encourage the listener with feelings of faith and hope. His music is uniquely electronic and uses various synthesizers in his music production. His music could be styled as being slightly … More HeLives

Chuck Gibbs

Exclusive Interview  BIO – I was born in Queens, NY. Music always been an interest for me to take part in and listen to. First started writing when I was like 11, 12 jokingly with it. Didn’t really take it serious until i started noticing that it was helping me ease and clear my mind … More Chuck Gibbs

Brad Jones

Exclusive Interview    Give us your bio Brad Jones is a hip hop artist, singer, songwriter and producer from Chattanooga, TN. What you see is what you get. He is an artist who strives for authenticity, pours intense passion into every song he writes, delivers spit-fire lyrics on the mic, and believes in leaving no-less … More Brad Jones


  Exclusive Interview    Bio: We are NITEMAR. Hip/hop rap group out of Lincoln, NE Just making music together and having fun doing it as a team   New projects? No plans for ant projects yet we’ve been focusing on releasing a song a week on SoundCloud every Wednesday and giving each song its own … More NITEMAR


https://rhymadics.com/ Exclusive Interview  Who are your top 5 influences  Eminem  Beatsie Boys LLcool J Rakim Royce DA 59 When are your new projects coming out?   Just released 3 singles on 16 platforms “Pure Intellect”  “Reign Forth”   “The Heat”  filming some videos for them Rhymadics debut Album Rhymadics Single Featuring Kid Vishis 2020 What helped you get into music?  … More RHYMADICS

Sean Wright

Exclusive Interview  BIO: Sean began drums at age 2 & producing at age 12. Musicality in his blood wasn’t a choice, grew up in a family full of musicians. His unique eclectic style extends from his background of playing in church with a father that believed In feeding him necessary music to be a complete … More Sean Wright