Tha Paperboy

Exclusive Interview 


BIO: Tha Paperboy; Born in Kalamazoo, MI where he was raised until 16 yrs of age. 1st picked up the pen at 12. It wasnt until the move from Kalamazoo to Elkhart, IN when I started music seriously. Since 2009 I have done opening acts and/or Hosted Shows for many mainstream artists such as; “Young Buck”, “Twista”, “Bone Crusher”, “Lil Scrappy”, “Dorrough”, “8ball”, “Young Bleed”, “Tela”, “Crime Mob” and “Do Or Die” & the list goes on..


Top 5 Influences?: Tupac; T.I.; Twista; Lil Wayne; Eminem


New/Future projects? Album titled “Its Paper” pushing for beginning of 2020; then next album titled “New Paper” around mid 2020;Mixtape titled “Its Reez” out now on all major mixtape outlets


What helped you get into music? My cousin challenged me to write my 1st verse at 12..


Anything to tell your fans? Never Give Up On What You Truly Believe In.


Biggest goals? Gettin paid for my music


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