Exclusive Interview 


Bio: Cynopsiiis Just a rapper displaying skill and showing people that real rap still exists. Cynopsiiis is spelled that way as an entendre it is an acronym of my name as it also means your hearing my story. Charles Yoakum is my name btw … Now about me I have just one vision to leave an imprint on the world and a positive one at that Real flows from real life is what I write. I don’t like overreacting or exaggerating my perspective If I’m rapping it, means I have history with the subject which is spoken of I don’t like hanging around places where I don’t gain anything from it I have my own path and way I’m approaching this this road for fame And if you vision doesn’t align well with mine I can’t have you apart of it which is ok I got love for those who got love for me You can be black white asian gay straight one leg three boobies it doesn’t matter You understand where I’m coming regardless of your walk of life from the mixture of structure and relatability   yeah each piece of my craft is personal but my music isnt just who I am, my music also isn’t a guide or tutorial I see it as a sound track that helps you get through your walk of life whatever that may be. _


Top five influences? KENDRICK AND COLE ARE OBVIOUS IF YOU HEAR MY VOICES AND HOW I ARTICULATE MY VERSES BUT. besides them 5 gotta be 1. My HS teach DSMOKE for showing me it’s possible and it’s ok to take your time with my craft 2. king Los he helped me with my delivery and subject matter listening to his stuff in high school from repeatedly listening 3. Dreamville and TDE as a whole everything they do for the rap game is beautiful and perfectly constructed ( I know Im cheating cuz those care labels) 4. T.i for being a hood influence and a businessman and proving even more so that you can come from the streets and be smart too. 5. 90s music I cheat here again because back then it wasn’t who had most streams,it was who had the most dreams.


How vivid was the picture you want to paint for the fans? How do we know it’s you on the track? 90s rapping takes these questions and pushed them to their length. That era displayed ability and uniqueness all around the board which is why that era will always have a place in my heart It’s originality in it’s purest form. _


New Projects? Projects: I have so many written tracks down it’s ridiculous and sitting on them for so long only helped me perfect them so I have an EP called ” i’s” (eyes) Like a few tracks to show the world my flows and give em a taste. But later projects as my mixtape OPTiiiCS I will let my fans know about those updates on my own time as I want that project to be perfect with features and all That’s it for projects tho. _


What helped you start out? 90s rap is my biggest influence period I love anime and I always usually relate with the characters I cling too in a way. You see I’m an artist by every meaning: I rap, I draw, I record videos, I critique works, and I meditate to make sure my craft is pure and not someone else’s message coming out of my mouth. So with that in mind just know I resonate with the 90s because I like to CREATE and that era was the beacon of creativity in my sight.


Anything to tell your fans? Fans message: It’s cynopsiiis be yaself because in the end the only person who can halt your progress is you False comments and fakes aside when we were born we were born as a blank canvas So we are all equal in mind but in the public mind you contort yourself to your surroundings likings scared to be yourself Thing is….. fuck em you live this life for you And you are enough you don’t need constant recognition if you love yourself. Self confidence is the best confidence _..


Goals for 2019? Well this year is almost up so I’m ready for next year but for the closing of this year, I would like to get my musics awareness up and my art profiles awareness up as well Just want to get the recognition that i know this type of craft deserves Im confident my craft is clean and I will make it someway or the other but in that same vien ,I’m not a know it all , and as with all things there is always room for improvement

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