Exclusive Interview 



Ackronem is an established independent hip hop artist from the twin cities. A producer, rapper and engineer Ack has his hands in a lot of different projects. He has opened up for Joell Ortiz, RA the Rugged Man, Blackalicious, Mac Lethal, gone on a Midwest tour with Carnage the Executioner many more. With 2 studio albums and countless singles and mixtapes under his belt ackronem is gearing up for his 3rd studio release with a new single “I Got The Light” produced by Starles available on all platforms now.


Top 5 Influences? My top influences right now Internet Money Dreamville/ J Cole Young Thug Atmosphere Andre Mariette (Timbral Studios)


New Projects? New projects If all goes according to plan I will be releasing a short ep late spring 2020 with singles and videos coming out every few months prior. Title tba


What helped me get into music? My sister was in bands in high school and I thought the drums were the coolest thing I’ve ever seen/heard. I started drumming as an early teen in bands and also played the bass. My dad got a copy of fruity loops and showed me how to use it around that time as well so I’ve been producing for over 15 years. I got into hip hop thru Rhymesayers and Doomtrees pull in the twin cities early in high school and have been producing hip hop since then. I had friends who rapped and I made their beats but slowly they all stopped rapping or lost interest and I of course did not. Not knowing any rappers I decided to start myself and haven’t put the pen down since. Most of my music is self produced however if a producer hits me with something fire I can’t help myself.


Anything to tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans Find something you love that moves you and never stop. This life is short and nothing is promised. Take the risks live life to the fullest extent and Love yourself (that was more than one thing but one main theme)


Biggest goals for 2019? My biggest goals of 2019 are already met I’m onto 2020. I’m hoping to perform at Soundset 2020 and go on tour in the summer after my release. Let me know if all of that is coherent I’m at my daughter’s dance class lol. Much love to you!

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