Flynny O’Flynn

Exclusive Interview 


Bio: Flynny O’Flynn is a rapper from the city of Leicester, UK. After a long break from the rap game she is back, with a belly full of fire and an arsenal full of lyrics. Forget everything you know about female rappers. This girls content is like nothing you’ve ever heard before! Definitely one to watch.


Top 5 Influences? wow, this is a hard one. erm let’s say Lauryn Hill, Ghettz, Method Man, Dave & Tupac. Although I could have reeled off a good 30 more.


New projects? I’m currently working on an EP which we haven’t got a date for just yet, but my new single Drugs Are My Friends came out this week so I would highly recommend you check that out!


What helped you get into music? Honestly it was all organic, I just pictured myself as a musician from as early as I can remember so I had to make that happen. I used to battle guys in the playground at school, so I guess you could say it all started then.


Anything to tell your fans? Don’t let your confidence waver. If you have a dream believe in your sauce and persevere, make it a reality. Goals: my goals for this year are to build the fanbase, more performances, and of course more music!

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