Dubba D.


Exclusive Interview 


Bio: Southern Louisiana has always been a wellspring of musical prowess. The thick musical culture creates an arena for the creation of new, innovative music. This is the locale from which producer/ DJ Darian Avery was molded. A metal drummer since the age of 12, Darian was immediately enamored with music production and recording bands. This curiosity lead to an in-depth study of the production and recording of music. In the midst of this pursuit, Darian discovered northern European electronic music and the art of DJing. What was once a hobby fueled by curiosity is now a full-blown musical endeavor. Dubba D. is a conglomerate of intricate melodies and loud, in-your-face bass lines. Taking inspiration from the bass-heavy genres of EDM, Dubba D. is sure to cause you to get up and move


Top 5 Influences? Skrillex. His ingenuity with his creativity are unmatched. That with his flexibility and boldness to produce whatever he wants, it’s inspiring. MUST DIE! His most recent tunes aren’t just creative, but he has been paying homage to the synthesis of 90’s and 2000’s electronic music. It’s so unique and inspiring. SVDDEN DEATH. He has really carved out his own signature unique sound, and it’s always a pleasure to hear what new ideas he comes out with. JKYL & HYDE. They’ve always been a favorite of mine, and they really have a unique way of approaching sound design and production, allowing them to pump out some super amazing original content. SPAG HEDDY. He is another artist who has really locked in his signature sound, and his ability to mix the melodic elements of dubstep with the heavy elements of dubstep is saucy to say the least. A talented producer with an ear for clean production.


New Projects? Nothing is official, but it looks like my next release will be 10/31. We will see for sure soon!


What got you into music? I got into music because I played piano from 1st-8th grade. I then switched to being a drummer, which had always been my passion, and I’ve been drumming for 15 years now. That mixed in with my desire to learn more about the 2009 electronic music scene really helped usher me into production and DJing.


Anything to tell your fans? To my fans, I love you guys and the support you give me, I am blessed Beyond measure to have such amazing friends as you guys. Thanks for following me on this journey and I hope you’re as excited about the future as I am!


Biggest goals? One of my biggest goals for 2019 was to open for at least 3 C or B list artists and I opened for 6. Now the goal is just to put out three more songs before the new year!

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