Exclusive Interview 
Bio.. My Name Is Graffiti a.k.a King Griffy or Griffy I’m an artist on the come up out of Germantown MD, I started rapping at the at age of seven watching my dad an his homies make beats / sample on the MPC and at home I would always listen to R&B with my mom so music has always been in my life. 
My Top five Influences  
2.Mac Miller 
5.Nipsey Hussle
New Projects? I have 12 Unreleased Albums none of them have release dates yet but my 3’rd Project I’m wrapping up is coming soon don’t have a release date for it yet but I’ll have one soon in the next 2/3 weeks 
What helps you get into music? What helped me get into music is just always listening to it with my parents and then doing my home work an researching Hiphop and the music genre all together so I would say doing my research helped me out a lot 
Anything to tell your fans? One thing I would tell my fans is that don’t even let anyone or anything stop you honestly for striving for your dreams cause it’s possible I mean it’s working out blessingly for me so I would tell fans don’t give up your dream cause it come reality 
Biggest Goals? My biggest goals for 2019-2020 is releasing more unreleased videos and perform on bigger stages and go on tour and have my in house studio built.

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