Adam Bankz



Exclusive Interview 


What inspires you when you create? Probs the edibles… lol nah.. I feel like my inspiration comes from many different things depending on what’s happening that day or where my mood’s at. I often find myself just living my life when I hear something and have that, damn, “I need to sample that” moment. Lately, visual art has really been doing it for me as well.


Influences? Ill forever be a 90’s hiphop head so (pac, biggie, nas, Big L, jigga, wu, tribe, etc). Illenium, Griz, Flume, Porter Robinson


New projects? I’m hoping to have my first EP out by Christmas 


What got you into music? My buddy that I made my first song with blew the fuck up, so he def has played a major influence in my music career (not gunna name drop, not my thing). Most recently, a certain someone convinced me that you cant just dabble with art.. it’s your whole ass or bust. I went from nothing on SoundCloud to pumping out tracks in 2 months, if she’s reading THANK YOU!


Anything to tell your fans? Just be yourself and be a good person, fuck all the other bullshit


Biggest Goals? Biggest goals for 2019 are to build a following, maybe even a fan or two, make some dope remixes, drop my EP, and just get my name out there

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